Friday, September 11, 2009

She Rides Shotgun (part 2)

(PART 2… Continued from PART 1 below…)

Okay, so how do you figure out what direction you're headed in? How do you know where you're supposed to go, or, if you're on the right track? What is YOUR destiny? Or for that matter... What IS destiny?

These too, are questions that may never really get answered to your full satisfaction, but they can. Paths, roads, and destiny are a whole subject unto themselves. A lot of the definition depends on your spiritual and personal philosophies, and the depth to which you are dedicated to look at yourself… What do you really think? Do you believe that you are entitled to be happy, fulfilled, and prosperous? Or do you believe suffering in this life, guarantees your position in the next life? Do you think you are special? With a very specific purpose that can enhance the lives of others? Or do you believe you're just another lost soul simply wandering this unfamiliar plane until your time is up?

Alright, now forget all of the ambient white noise in the background. Ignore, for just a moment, all that you have been taught. What do you really FEEL? In your heart. Deep down in the depths of your soul... What do you feel? HONESTLY. Deeply. Freely. Sincerely. Truly. Who do you feel you are? Not who 'Who do you believe, or think you are?', but WHO do you FEEL like? Your mind thinks, and believes, but your heart feels. Your mind is conditioned. It is taught and shown what to accept as truth. Fed from external sources, your mind can be so easily manipulated, trained, and tricked. Your heart, when fed with wholesome ingredients and is properly nourished, it will always lead you in the right direction. It is your internal guide. Your compass. It will never misguide you, so long as you stay connected to your divine core… your humbled soul.

Since the beginning of time, and still, many native customs, religions, and cultures perform divinations for newborns to determine, among other things, the child's destiny. This equips the parents and guardians with the information needed to ensure their child is brought up in accordance with the child's own individual path, thereby creating the best possible environment for living that destiny, a measure for fulfilling life's divine mission for each person. On a very basic level, it gives you a template to build upon.

Okay, so your parents didn't communicate with the ‘other side’ when you were born, and you aren't really sure what your destiny is. Granted. Most of us modern day westerners didn’t. You don’t know what your destiny is, and all this talk about it might be uncomfortable. So, how can you find out what yours is? How do you know if you're on the right path? What if you're in the wrong job, with the wrong person, living in the wrong place? How would you know if you were following your destiny or not? Is there a right or wrong answer? Is there a way to find out for sure? On your own, without a fortune teller, a see-er, or a psychic?

Certainly there is!

On a very simple scale you can start by taking a look at the activities you are involved in. Which make you happy? Which fulfill you? Is there a job you'd love to do even if you were paid little or nothing? What things come naturally to you? Are you always getting compliments on how well you perform certain tasks? What are your special gifts? How do you affect people? How do they affect you? What sets you aside from others? What makes you different, unique, odd, interesting, … talented…? What drives you, motivates you, inspires you? What do you give of yourself?

These questions will often begin your journey in the right direction to defining your destiny. Are you on a road fraught with misery and pain? Do you find life a burden? Do you wish for more? Do you feel empty and hollow... like something is missing? Do you feel as if you are trying to force a round peg into a square hole?…

As you begin to draft and follow your soul map, you move closer to own personal heaven on earth. Closer to your dreams, and live more closely aligned to your life's purpose - whatever it may be. Your vision becomes clearer, enabling you to see better, to react quicker, and more appropriately to a given situation. You learn to be still and listen, how to recognize the signs, what each one means, and what to look for. You learn how to modify your pace, and adjust your steps as you navigate all of the inevitable obstacles along your paved yellow concrete road. You'll learn what luck, windfalls, and bonuses look like, if there is such a thing. You'll know how to change course, when to no avail, you find yourself pushing too hard in the wrong direction. You’ll know when you find yourself repeating cycles of which you already know the outcome.

When you judge yourself by your perception of how others' view you, and not what you know of yourself, you subsequently limit your abundant potential and relinquish your own divine power.

…To Be Continued…Back in a few days…

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