Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some of my own favorite FB stats...

* Hey, I just realized how incredibly special you are!... You MUST be!!! Really!!! For God to have put your destiny right in the palm of your hand and entrusted you with it.... You MUST be BLESSED! :-)

* Listen closely to everything... especially your heart. :-)

* Amina reminds u to live life fully. :-)

* Surely the universe hasn't brought us all this way to suffocate us in agony and defeat. Our mission must be of the mightiest kind! Power to the People yall!!! ;-)

* Amina wants to use ALL curse words, but will be polite..."NOTE TO CHICAGO DRIVERS: PLEASE REMOVE ALL OF THE SNOW FROM YOUR CARS before you get on the road. Blowing snow from your moving vehicle can create unsafe driving conditions for other drivers. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. HAPPY DRIVING! :-)". But ...what I really wanna say is "Dammit can't you get your %&!@# *&^%#@ ......!!!!!!!!"

* Amina suggests you let love reign on your parade. ;-)

* No, I can't name my favorite musician... I have many favorite musicians!!! That's just the kind of playa I am! ;-)

* Amina remembers when '2010' seemed so far away. I just knew we'd be wearing space suits and moon boots by now!........ Huh? What??!!! Lady Gaga, Kanye?!!!.... Oh yeah! I guess you're right! Okay... Never mind what I said earlier... As you were, people... As you were........! :-)

* Amina wishes you all a 'Happy New Gregorian Year!'..... (I make the distinction because, every DAY is the beginning of a NEW year....) :-)

* Amina reminds you to feed your head!

* God bless the child that got its own... and the parents who showed them how... ;-)

* Amina suggests you use this day to give urself a personal reality check. Have a heart-to-heart with urself in the mirror, and re-evaluate ur path to enlightenment... Blessings! :-)

* Amina celebrates her ancestors on this day... I give praise to the Most High for all I've been blessed with. Here's wishing you all a peaceful and prosperous holiday season!!!! :-)

* Staunch partisanship turns my stomach! When republicans do it, it's even more disgusting!

* Amina is breathing life into her dreams... making fantasy a reality... and changing the way the game is played! Just an FYI.......

* Amina says: "To build a better Nation... Be Healthy, Wise, Fruitful, and Multiply!!!... um... I mean 'Eat Fruit' & learn to multiply!!! Yeah, that's it! "Be Healthy, Wise, 'Eat Your Fruit' & LEARN to multiply!!! :-)

* If we called Todd a 'Lame Duck'... We'd be insulting both ducks and lames!

* Amina wonders why she deliberates so much on even the shortest, most mundane writing tasks, like emails, texts, comments, and such? they're supposed to be quick & informal! why do i proof-read... and edit... and re-think... maybe retype... then modify...? i feel like i've been updating this status since yesterday!!! lol

* Amina's daughter casually comments on the way to the sch art fair, "Oh, by the way mama, just a heads up, our theme was 'Trees', but my Tree is different and looks like no one else's..." (gulp!)

* Amina reminds you not to use *the hand you were dealt* as your weakness... use it as your STRENGTH!!!! :-) Luv ya'll.............!

* Amina reminds you that the universe is perfectly balanced...

* "Hey you!... Yes YOU!"... "Get out there and shine like the star you know you are!!!"


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